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Core Values

R. Spencer Schools instill moral excellence in young people by building community and cultivating a culture of love.  We adhere to four values: Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, and Servant-hood.


Non-Discrimination Policy

R. Spencer Schools extends all of its programs and services to the general public without regard to race, religion, creed, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, or sexual preference.


Our Program

Early Care & Developmental Services. R Spencer Schools provides quality early care to infants and toddlers while parents are away at work or school. The infant / toddler (I/T) program focuses on educational enrichment and preparing children for learning. For this reason, the I/T classroom is set up in seven well-defined learning centers with educational resources in each center. Similar to the preschool classrooms, the I/T program has centers equipped with safe, age appropriate resources. The infant / toddler program is designed to support working parents, but also to prepare children for the preschool program. The program goals for the infant / toddler unit are:

  • To create a safe, stimulating learning environment for infants and toddlers in a full day program.
  • To implement a hands-on learning curriculum that fosters development of the whole child with an   emphasis on: Language development, socio-emotional Development, Motor skills, and Sensory development
  • To employ highly trained and qualified caregivers who work in partnership with the child's family and the community.
To encourage academic success and parent / community involvement in the education of young children.

Preschool Education. Children ages three through five benefit from full day preschool programming Monday through Friday. We offer individual classrooms with two teachers per room. The classroom creates a stimulating environment that encourages hands-on learning experience and peer interaction. Development of the whole child is accomplished through this multi-faucet program. All teachers and teacher assistants meet the educational requirements of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The central focus of the preschool program is cognitive and emotional intelligence. As such, we focus on academic competency, social skills, and self awareness. R Spencer Schools offers structured learning activities while embracing flexibility which allows children to make choices partnering in the educational process.

Our vision is that all children will enter kindergarten ready to learn. Lesson plans are developed to introduce early literacy skills and basic phonics necessary for learning to read, and to introduce science and math skills preparing children for academic excellence.

Full Day Kindergarten. R Spencer Academy offers a full day kindergarten education to families seeking additional readiness programs for their developing young. R Spencer Schools emphasizes education in the three R’s (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic), hands-on learning and practical application, teaching effective study skills, and smaller ratios for individualized learning. R Spencer Schools is an independent, coeducational, non-profit, educational outreach program designed to propel Missouri's most challenged learners. We hold the view that all children are capable of learning and desire to succeed in life. Our goal is to make instructional activities relevant and easy to understand, thus producing students who are both willing and eager to learn.

R Spencer Schools fosters community within the school setting. Children are grouped in learning teams with peers according to their academic levels to ensure that no child is left behind. We combine several curricula to deliver a comprehensive, integrated educational program. Our approach encourages learning both directly and indirectly. The Missouri Show Me Standards are integrated into the Reggio Emilia Curriculum to ensure academic offerings exceed state expectations.

Out of School Time Program (Before/After Care). The Out of School Time Program serves children from our private school as well as local public schools. It provides before and after care and a full day summer camp. This section promotes school success and emotional intelligence. It is designed to foster leadership and build social skills. To develop a comprehensive program, we incorporate the following focus areas:

  • Remedial education activities
  • Mathematics and reading / language arts
  • Science, arts and crafts, music / performing arts
  • Entrepreneurial education
  • Tutoring and homework assistance
  • Recreational activities
  • Technology education
  • Drug and violence education
  • Character education
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Parent / family involvement